Introducing The Junghans Max Bill Mega

Introducing The Junghans Max Bill Mega

Brisk Take

If nothing else, I have something of a weakness for crackpot watches, for the exceptions that figure out how to venture outside of the demonstrated arrangement or play with ideas that misrepresent their unique creation. From gold watches that presumably shouldn’t be gold, to ana-digi Breitlings, to watches like the new Max Bill Mega from Junghans. The Mega is an odd yet totally compelling blend of Max Bill’s notable watch/clock configuration crossed with another radio-controlled high precision quartz development – everything except altogether concealing its list of capabilities behind a standout amongst other dial plans in the game. 

I say peculiar in light of the fact that I certainly wouldn’t have expected the Max Bill configuration to be the home for another and very tech-progress ahead. I believe it’s a shrewd thought that utilizes the moderate plan reasonableness of the Max Bill tasteful to adjust the significantly more geeky allure of the new development and its numerous capacities. No joke, there’s a great deal occurring here under the skin, or dial, as it were. 

38mm wide, the new Mega is no bigger than a standard programmed Max Bill. 

The Max Bill Mega with a silver dial and rather exemplary Milanaise network bracelet. 

Introductory Thoughts

First, the rudiments. Accessible in three dials with either a calfskin lash or a steel Milanaise arm band, the Max Bill Mega has a 38mm wide and 9.3mm thick steel case with a domed plexiglass gem (with a scratch safe covering) and 3 atm water obstruction. With a date show at three and a coordinating crown, the Mega seems as though any of Junghans Max Bill-inferred plans, until you get to the internals. 

The case back of the Max Bill Mega showing the different areas of the time alignment radio signals. 

In spot of the typical basic quartz or programmed development, the MEGA has Junghans’ new J101.65, a quartz development with multi-recurrence radio time setting, an unending schedule (no date rectification to the year 2400), time region setting by means of the crown (without influencing exactness), and a general precision of +/ – 8 seconds per year (or max 0.02 seconds with radio sign adjustment). The radio alignment capacities much the same as the multi-band highlight common to numerous G-Shocks and uses a one of five potential signs to naturally address to the most precise time available. The same development is additionally offered in the Meister, which is another of Junghans’ dressier plans with comparable extents however a more exorbitant cost point than that of the Max Bill Mega. 

In planning the new development, Junghans zeroed in on convenience and out and out exactness. So not exclusively will it be conceivable to set the Mega by means of the forthcoming cell phone application (scheduled for iOS and Android in October of this current year), however radio adjustment is programmed and handled every day and in the event that you travel, the hour show can be refreshed freely through the crown. It get’s nerdier still, with the development offering Intelligent Time Correction that effectively checks and revises the presentation of the entirety of the hands (and the date) to the most precise known time.

The four accessible renditions of the Max Bill Mega. 

This data works related to three engines and Junghans’ Smart Hand Motion innovation that directs the development of the seconds hand to the half second and furthermore permits the seconds hand, the moment hand, and the date to bounce in a flash to the following worth, as opposed to the ordinary ticking/clearing movement of a quartz watch. In a charmingly German kind of way, there is a practical component to this outrageous center that I love. In the event that one is making a development that can get to an exceptionally precise proportion of time, is there any good reason why you wouldn’t make it equipped for showing that exactness at a high level. 

I figure this a particularly cool idea and I would cherish take a Mega voyaging and put the capacities through a legitimate test. Expecting the interface (and apparently the possible application) is sufficiently straightforward, with a two-year battery, solid regular styling, and a value point beginning at $990 ($1,090 on the wristband), the Junghans Max Bill Mega should make for an incredible travel watch. In any case, from the fly set to the individuals who are as yet piling up posts in the high-precision quartz discussions, the Max Bill Mega is a peculiarity that offers valuable complexity crossed with a rich and moderate wrist presence.

The Basics

Brand: Junghans

Model: Max Bill Mega

Reference Number: 058/4820 – 058/4823

Diameter: 38mm

Thickness: 9.3mm

Case Material: Steel

Dial Color: Matte silver-plated or anthracite

Lume: Super-LumiNova

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Calf calfskin lash or steel Milanaise mesh 

Junghans’ s J101.65 radio-controlled high exactness quartz movement. 

The Movement

Caliber: J101.65 (quartz, radio-controlled)

Functions: Automatic radio-controlled time setting, application joining (Oct 2018), bouncing time region setting, never-ending schedule, date.

Diameter: 28mm

Thickness: 3.85mm

Power Reserve: Two years (battery)

Frequency: 32.768 Hz

Jewels: 6

Additional Details: Three engines, bi-directional hand development, precise to 0.02 seconds on radio sync or +/ – 8 seconds per year in quartz mode. 

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $990 ($1,090 on the wristband)  

Availability: October 2018 

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