Introducing The Seiko Presage Enamel Collection, A Quartet Of Elegant Everyday Watches

Introducing The Seiko Presage Enamel Collection, A Quartet Of Elegant Everyday Watches

Seiko’s Presage assortment is extraordinary compared to other kept insider facts in watchmaking. While Grand Seiko and Prospex stand out enough to be noticed, Presage proceeds discreetly conveying inconceivable worth and lovely styles without a second thought. Today Seiko has declared another expansion to the Presage assortment, a bunch of four basic watches each bearing a hand-made veneer dial with exquisite Roman numerals. We should investigate these new watches and what they bring to the table.

Just a couple of months back we got a restricted version watch for Presage’s 60th commemoration , however prior in 2016 Seiko acquainted a couple of chronographs with mark a similar event. One had a dark Urushi veneer dial, yet the other had a splendid white finish dial. It’s this last watch that fills in as a hopping off point for the assortment we have here today. Every one of the four of these watches are joined by their steel cases and terminated white veneer dials (kind of what could be compared to the Swiss grand feu), which have inky dark Roman numerals that are painted at any rate multiple times over on each dial to accomplish the visual profundity necessary.

You can get familiar with Seiko’s finish work here. In any case, on to the watches themselves.

Augur Enamel Automatic Chronograph

This non-restricted model offers a more clear interpretation of the Presage three-register chronograph.

We’ll kick things off with the most complicated watch of the pack. The Automatic Chronograph is actually what it seems like. The three-register dial format is recognizable from a year ago’s restricted release, however various tasteful changes have been sanctioned also. The hour markers are currently Roman numerals rather than the Breguet-style numerals and there are no red accents to be had by any means. On the sub-register there are Arabic numerals for the wellbeing of neatness. Tucked somewhere in the range of four and five o’clock is a little date window that is careful enough that it shouldn’t raise a ruckus. The watch is 42mm across and 14.9mm thick, so it’s on the huge side yet at the same time stays very wearable.

Powering this watch is the Seiko type 8R48. It is a programmed development with a 45-hour power hold that runs in 45 gems. The chronograph checks as long as 12 hours and has both a section haggle vertical grip framework, making it an incredible dependable, workhorse chrono movement.

The Presage Enamel Automatic Chronograph will retail for €2,650 (roughly $2,815 at season of publishing).

Augur Enamel Multi-Hand Automatic

The uncommon setup of the date and force save here peculiarly works.

This observe indeed likely looks a little recognizable, this time reviewing the other restricted version 60th commemoration Presage from 2016. It shows the hours, minutes, and seconds with halfway mounted hands, and afterward adds a force hold marker at nine o’clock and a sub-dial to show the date at six o’clock.

Inside the 40.5mm x 12.8mm steel case is the type 6R27. It’s a 4 Hz development with 29 gems that packs a 45-hour power hold. The manner in which it shows the complications – themselves not that irregular by any means – is certainly a-normal, and it looks somewhat jumbled from the start. However, the more I’ve absorbed it, the more I’ve come to like it.

The Presage Enamel Multi-Hand Automatic will retail for €1,300 (around $1,380 at season of publishing).

Augur Automatic, Round And Tonneau

The programmed adaptation of this watch comes in two profiles, however both convey a similar development inside.

Finally we have the fundamental programmed models – and there are two of them, and they offer two totally different looks. The principal, the reference SPB047, is round and comes in at 40.5mm in width and 12.4mm thick with 100-meter water opposition. The second, the reference SPB049, is tonneau-molded and gauges 46mm x 35.9mm and 12.5mm thick with 50-meter water opposition. Both have sapphire precious stones front and back, and come on crocodile lashes with collapsing buckles.

Both observes additionally have a similar development inside. The type 6R15 is generally direct programmed development with a 50-hour power hold that runs in 23 gems. The equilibrium beats at an exceptionally conventional 3 Hz, which is somewhat more slow than the 3.5 Hz that is more normal nowadays. The two watches are likewise against magnetic up to 4,800 A/m and come with steel collapsing clasps rather than straightforward pin buckles.

The round Presage Enamel Automatic will retail for €1,100 (roughly $1,170 at season of distributing), while the tonneau adaptation will retail for €1,300 (around $1,380 at season of publishing).

These watches will all be accessible around September 2017, and, in contrast to a year ago’s chronograph, they’re increments to the principle assortment, not restricted releases. For additional, visit Seiko Presage on the web .